Plans Built For Every Business Type

  • Daily Scan


    Billed Annually

    • Daily Virus Scans
    • Daily Error Scans
    • Site Trust Guarantee
  • Weekly Scan


    Billed Annually

    • Weekly Virus Scans
    • Weekly Error Scans
    • Site Trust Guarantee
  • Quarterly Scan


    Billed Annually

    • Quarterly Virus Scans
    • Quarterly Error Scans
    • Site Trust Guarantee
  • Annual Scan

    • Annual Virus Scans
    • Annual Error Scans
    • Site Trust Guarantee


Am I locked into a contract? Can I switch my plan at any time?

No, you are never locked into a contract. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

Which plan is best for my needs?

If you aren't sure which plan to choose, we recommend starting with the Weekly Scan, our most popular package. This plan is perfect for websites that get moderate traffic. For websites that get heavier traffic, we recommend choosing the Daily Scan option, and the Quarterly Scan option is perfect for websites that don't get much traffic yet. Many of our users upgrade their plan as their website begins to grow and see better conversion rates.

Why is the Weekly Scan the most popular package?

The Weekly Scan is the best option for websites that get moderate traffic who are looking to improve consumer confidence and increase conversions. Many who choose this package find that adding the security seal to their site actually helps increase website traffic, and end up switching to the Daily Scan package as their site continues to grow.

Is the Annual Scan really free?

Yes! No credit card is required to start this plan, so you can try Site Trust absolutely free.

Does the Free Annual Scan also include the Site Trust security seal?

It sure does. Each plan above includes the conversion-boosting website security seal. Display your seal on your website and watch as your conversions increase!