About Us:

About the Site Trust Team

The SiteTrust team includes seasoned entrepreneurs, top marketers, and an expert technical staff who all work together to make the Internet safer for consumers. We believe safe and fair business practices are key to keeping shoppers safe online, and we at SiteTrust encourage others to use these practices and increase consumer awareness.

Site Trust Qualifications and Experience

Our key team members have more than 20 years of experience working in e-commerce and digital marketing. During that time, we've worked with countless clients and companies, and we've seen some of the best business practices in the world… along with some of the worst.

Our security experts are highly qualified, with proven track records of success. Each member of our team must pass a rigorous screen process, including background checks. No exceptions.

Site Trust Mission

We all know someone who bought something from a website and missed the fine print, only to discover down the road that they unknowingly agreed to a hidden billing schedule or recurring charges. This results in unexpected credit card charges, emotional distress, and countless hours lost in dispute. In the end, there's no guarantee that the consumer will even get their money back.

According to a 2011 report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the average consumer falling victim to internet fraud lost a median of $636, with the total monetary loss reaching as high as $485,253,871. Other statistics for that year included:

  • Over 314,000 complaints of fraud
  • 115,903 complaints that reported a financial loss
  • $1,544 average dollar loss overall

These statistics are unacceptable, and consumers need to protect themselves against fraud. Site Trust strives to create a safer environment for online shopping, allowing customers to decide quickly whether a website meets acceptable safety standards. We give consumers the tools that they need to protect themselves and make informed purchasing decisions.

The bottom line is that at Site Trust, we want to help you discover products and businesses you can trust.